Shiseido Waso Cleansing trio

I love a product that is great for travelling with. There’s something so satisfying and cute about a mini product or something in unique packaging, which makes it simple to pop in your luggage and not take up valuable shoe space!
 Cleansers are often in bulky packaging or glass bottles so I was happy to see the latest cleansers from Shiseido in a pouch style packet. The slim line packaging in 70ml makes it handy to slip into your handbag for overnight travel or in your suitcase.
The Waso Reset Cleanser trio is a collection of mood enhancing cleansers made from Japanese Agar Jelly.
 The jelly texture is refreshingly light and although a foaming cleanser is not my favourite texture of cleanser to use, this did leave the skin feeling refreshed and balanced without drying or stripping.  Agar Jelly is particularly good at cleansing the skin of impurities making it a better choice for those with a combination, oily or congested skin.
The cleansers are sold as a trio and each cleanser is slightly different.
 The yellow is called Good Vibes and has a zesty uplifting scent. It contains Japanese quince for added hydration. The green is called Wild Garden and contains Okra, which is high in vitamin A, B, and C and great for a compromised skin barrier or those with an oiler skin.
 The red is called Romantic Dream and contains Raspberry extract to hydrate and replenish making this better for a dryer skin.

You can purchase the trio here for £25.00.