Revisiting My Fragrant Youth

Burberry Weekend For Her Eau de Parfum

Highschool was an odd time wasn't it? You reach the ripe ol' age of 13, adulthood beckons (or so you think) and suddenly there's no telling you nothing; you have your very own bus pass and a scientific calculator. Watch out world, there's no problem you can't solve nor place you can't discover (well as long as it is accessible by the bus). In reality, you were nothing more than a slightly, acne-plagued youth, that made some really questionable life choices which were not limited to the world of fragrance but that is a good place to start.

Scents I associate with my highschool experience? The ever so recognisable, pungent pong of hair, slowly burning on cheap hair straighteners - coupled with even cheaper hairspray that lingered in the bathrooms. The mixed aroma of just about every body spray Impulse could dream up, clouding the P.E changing rooms; which would in turn, slowly seep out and merge with whatever Lynx body spray, the boys across the hall happened to be passing around, forming some kind of sensory mutation that would leave you gasping for air. Good times all round.

Burberry Weekend For Her Eau de Parfum

And then there was all the odd fragrance trends...

A lot like fast fashion, I grew up in a bizarre world of passing trends that extended to the world of perfumery. When I was really young and perhaps not old enough to wear - let alone enjoy- scented products, I can recall the world of Benetton Hot & Cold fragrances taking the aisles of Superdrug by storm. Then we all slowly moved on to Davidoff Cool Waters, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Armani She, Burberry Weekend For Her and of course all of the celebrity launches (looking at you Britney, J.Lo and Sarah Jessica Parker).

Over the years, I have revisited many scents that were popular in the early 00's but for some reason, I have not as much as sniffed Burberry Weekend For Her Eau de Parfum whilst lingering in an airport departure lounge. As they say absence makes the heart grown founder so I did what any sane millennial would do and ordered a bottle. Perhaps my judgement was sullied by nostalgia because in my minds eye, Burberry Weekend was a whole lot more pleasant when coupled with the innocence of youth.

Burberry Weekend For Her Eau de Parfum

Memories led me to believe that this was a gentle, white floral that was perfect for everyday wear (I mean I did wear it to School, I'm not sure there's a more mundane activity than that) and yet what I was greeted with something that begs to differ. It is strong and maybe that is why it was so favoured a decade ago? As a teen I was pretty much enamoured by the idea of anyone within a 10 mile radius being able to smell me (for all the right reasons hopefully) before they could see me, as such this bold and brass scent, more than likely fitted the bill. What is odd is that the concept of Burberry Weekend was created to embody the relaxing attitude of a few days off from the daily grind. Think brunching with friends rather than grabbing a kebab at 3am, whilst trying to remain upright and yet it seems more aimed at those with a livelier take on weekend activities (questionable meat optional).

Burberry deem this fragrance to be light and powdery with top notes of mandarin and aromatic grasses; blending with a heart of blue hyacinth, iris, nectarine, peach flower, red cyclamen and wild rose, atop a base of sandalwood, cedar and musk. A combination that arguably sounds beautiful on paper yet in reality it is quite confusing and dare I say loud? The issue is too many of the top notes jostle for centre stage and as such rather than settling on the skin to offer a sensual whiff of scent, it is an overpowering and dare I say very much alcoholic fusion.

Burberry Weekend For Her Eau de Parfum

Perhaps I am wrong and slowly creeping into becoming a fragrance snob (my current vanity suggest otherwise) or maybe, just maybe this was never the fond fragrance I had built it up to be in my head?

Burberry Weekend For Women Eau de Parfum 100ml £17.57 - £28.22 from Notino - link.