The World's Prettiest Halloween Costumes With Crowns

We've all been there. You get invited to a last-minute Halloween party with an event description that says costumes are mandatory, and you're left scrambling for a costume to wear that isn't a cat. No disrespect to cats, but I have a feeling most of you have been there and done that. With no desire to brave the crowds that will inevitably fill every costume store for the entire month of October, you might find yourself searching through your apartment for any remnants of last year's costume only to find a costume crown shoved in the back of your closet. 

This may not initially seem particularly inspiring, but in truth, you've hit the Halloween jackpot. A crown—from floral to cubic zirconia—can lend itself to many a crafty Halloween costume, some of which you can even fashion from the clothes in your closet. If you, too, find yourself in this situation come Halloween season, just reference this guide for 10 Halloween costumes with crowns you can throw together in no time. Keep reading to see inspiration and shopping picks for our favorite Halloween costume ideas that involve pretty crowns.

While not the typical crown you might expect, there is no denying that Frida Kahlo wears a flower crown all the same. Bold and beautiful, it's a perfect fit for an artistic queen. 

Audrey Hepburn knows what every birthday girl does, which is that you don't need to be a princess to wear a crown. In fact, according to Holly Golightly, you can wear one whenever you please. 

One of the most iconic Disney princesses with a fairytale that is still dreamed of by girls everywhere. Who knows, maybe you'll find your own frog on Halloween!

This tiny crown is a cute addition to an already fun costume. Plus, with black and red clothes with a few cutout hearts, you can easily make this costume at home. 

Princess Jasmine is independent, rebellious, fun, and stylish—everything I hope to be in this life, really. 

Beyoncé is not an actual Queen, but she should be, obviously. This is proven by the stunning halo-crown she donned for the Grammy's in 2017, providing serious costume-inspo. 

This mermaid's crown is made of shells, and a little part of me wishes I could wear it every day. 

Be the beauty pageant winner of (insert your state here!) and don your crown to shine in your moment of glory. 

Get a little goth with this skeleton look—because why just be a skeleton when you could grab a crown and be a queen? 

This is perhaps the easiest costume of all—grab a flower crown, wear a flowy floral dress, and there you have it: flower princess. 

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